Woods 7.90 3 5/16 (420-450 Pound Package)

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The "Woods 7.90" will deliver deadly consistency, along with long lasting performance.

All Nic Woods Engines Include:

This Engine is as good as it gets for 7.90 Racing.  It features all the latest and greatest technolgy.

  • Complete Build Sheet
  • Dyno Sheet/Tuned
  • 3 stage Header
  • Billet Crankshaft, Connecting Rod, Camshaft, Head and Flywheel
  • PVL Ignition (Blue Coil)
  • 42mm CHOO CHOO Carburetor
  • Flow BenchTested
  • Complete Engine Polish/ Optional
  • Big Core Camshaft
  • 1.400 5/16 lifters
  • Manley Ti Valves
  • .550 Lift Valve Springs


 Expect 7.90's at 420-450 lb.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review